About Edmond J Safra a"h


When one tries to define righteousness, compassion, care and charity the name Edmond J Safra comes to mind. A man whose name is synonymous with giving and getting the job done from start to finish.

Edmond J. Safra (b: August 6, 1932 – d: December 3, 1999; 24 Kislev 5760) was a Jewish Lebanese born banker and Brazilian-naturalized citizen. He continued the family tradition of banking in Lebanon, Brazil, Switzerland, United States and Europe. He founded the Republic National Bank of New York. Safra supported educational, religious, medical, cultural, and humanitarian causes and organizations around the world, and the Edmond J. Safra Philanthropic Foundation carries on this work today in his memory. He married Lily Watkins. He died in a fire in his Monaco mansion at age 67. His parents were Jacob and Esther Safra. He is brothers with Joseph Safra and Moise Safra.